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Rocket Motion Rocket motion Rocket is propelled by a very high velocity jet fuel which is shot at its back. The reaction force to this is nothing but the thrust in the opposite direction which is responsible for the rocket to reach high velocity.
Centripetal Force As the coaster cars zoom around the loop, the track exerts a centripetal force toward the center of the loop.
Practical applications of the two-stage oscillations The technology of the two-stage oscillator has a great potential for practical application in various fields: electricity generation, water pumping, irrigation, water purification, desalinization, geothermal heat pumping, oil pumping, pressing and hammering.

On July 20, 1969 at 3.18 p.m. Houston time, as 600 million people watched, the Lunar Lander come to rest on the moon and NASA succeeded in its mission of landing a man on the moon. A short while later, as the world watched Neil Armstrong take his first step onto the moon, the NASA engineers cheered: "That′s one small step for man" and Armstrong intoned: "One giant leap for mankind". It was a historic moment made possible by the historic universal gravity equations of Sir Isaac Newton.

NASA scientists applied Newton′s equation to three objects simultaneously – earth, moon and spaceship – calculated the safest and cheapest way to reach the moon and back along a route shaped like a figure '8' which is the most simple and optimal path. Any other route was either more dangerous or more wasteful of rocket fuel. Further this simple trajectory ensured safe return to earth in case the mission is to be aborted at the last moment. Newton′s equation predicted, no fuel would be required, as the moon′s gravitational pull would automatically sling the spaceship around and on to the return leg.

Newtonian mechanics describes the motion of macroscopic objects (projectiles, parts of machinery etc), astronomical objects (spacecraft, planets, stars and galaxies), and matter in various states. It provides extremely accurate results as long as the domain of study is restricted to large objects and the speeds involved do not approach the speed of light. General relativity unifies special relativity with Newton′s law of universal gravitation, allowing physicists to handle gravitation at a deeper level.

Circular motion is a movement of an object along circular orbit with constant angular rate of rotation (uniform motion) or with a changing rate of rotation (non–uniform motion). Examples of circular motion are a satellite orbiting the Earth at constant height, an electron moving perpendicular to a uniform magnetic field, and a gear turning inside a mechanism. Circular motion is accelerated even if the angular rate of rotation is constant, because the object′s velocity vector is constantly changing direction. Such change in direction of velocity involves acceleration of the moving object by a centripetal force, which pulls the moving object toward the center of the circular orbit.

Oscillations are repetitive variations of some measure about a central value or between two or more different states over a period of time. A swinging pendulum and AC power are familiar examples. The simplest mechanical oscillating system is a mass attached to a linear spring subject to no other forces. The specific dynamics of this spring-mass system are described mathematically by the simple harmonic oscillator and the regular periodic motion is known as simple harmonic motion.

Oscillations tend to decay with time unless there is some net source of energy into the system. Oscillation is said to be driven when the system is subject to some external force, as when an AC circuit is connected to an outside power source.

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