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An Overview On Organic Chemistry And Carbon Compounds

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 Organic semi-conductors could revolutionize electronics Organic semi–conductors could revolutionize electronics An organic semiconductor is an organic material with semiconductor properties, that is, with an electrical conductivity between that of insulators and that of metals. Single molecules, short chain (oligomers) and organic polymers can be semi–conductive. Now–a–days in organic LED's, light is emitted in all directions, and everything can be seen in diagonal point of view, which is not possible in normal LED's.
Bio‐organic chemistry Bio‐organic chemistry focuses on applying chemical principles, particularly those of organic chemistry, to solve problems in human health. Research is carried out on Identifying novel molecular targets and small molecules for the treatment of autoimmune diseases and cancer.

Life is based on carbon's ability to form diverse structures and an endless number of different carbon based molecules. The study of carbon containing compounds has come to be known as Organic Chemistry. The food that we intake, the fragrances we inhale, the colors we see are predominantly due to organic compounds.

Organic chemistry deals not only with the chemistry of life and the natural carbon compounds but also with the huge, increasing number of synthetic carbon compounds. We are living in a world which is largely shaped by organic compounds. There is hardly any walk of life where we do not need the organic compounds. The food that we eat is essentially a mixture of organic compounds. The changes which the food undergoes in our body are organic chemical reactions. The clothes that we wear (wool, cotton, leather, synthetics) are all organic in character. The soap, cosmetics, perfume, oils, plastics, explosives, rubber, dye stuffs, paper, insecticides, etc., are all organic compounds. The sources of primary energy we still use every day (petroleum, natural gas, coal) are organic in nature.

In the medicinal field, organic compounds are indispensable. Antibiotics, sulpha drugs, alkaloids, aspirin, iodoform, etc., are organic compounds. There is hardly any industry which is not dependent on organic compounds.

Vanilla and cinnamon flavorings are examples of naturally occurring aldehydes. The ketones carvone and camphor impart characteristic flavors of spearmint leaves and caraway seeds. Carboxylic acids are responsible for the sourness of lemons and vinegar, and the discomfort that follows an ant bite. Esters generally have pleasant odors. They are largely responsible for the pleasant aromas of fruit.

Much organic chemistry concerns naturally occuring molecules, and in the end we look at some of the most important macromolecules found in living cells. The molecules of life namely nucleic acids (DNA and RNA), proteins, carbohydrates and lipids are the building blocks of cells and all living things are made from cells, the chemical factories of life. Putting it into personal perspective, we contain about 10 million million nucleated cells. Within each of these cell nuclei is a complete set of genetic information that makes us who we are.

If you reflect on how every chemical in your body is manufactured, moved, modified and used by proteins that are built from scratch, from a sequence of amino acids precisely dictated by the DNA sequence, you will see why we say that DNA holds the secret of life. The more we understand about how the chemistry of our body works, the better our chance of keeping everything working as it should.

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